World's Worst Invasives


More than half a dozen of the 100 of the World's Worst Invasive Species are present in Nova Scotia.

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    Your Actions Make a Difference
    1. Learn more about invasive alien species in Nova Scotia, including how to identify species of concern.
    2. Report and remove invasive alien species on your property, and practice proper disposal.
    3. Do not transport organic material into or out of Nova Scotia.
    4. Clean off clothing, gear, animals, and vehicles (including boats) before and after visiting a new natural area.
    5. Source the origin of products that you purchase, and beware of Internet sources.
    6. Never dump garden waste or unwanted aquarium/pond animals and plants in natural areas.
    7. Never release live bait into a waterbody, and never transport water from one waterbody to another.
    8. Do not transport firewood.
    9. Report occurrences of invasive alien species in natural areas.
    10. Spread the message about invasive alien species – awareness is the key to prevention!